The expert assessed the danger of a virus that turned pigeons into zombies

Dr. Alexander Semyonov, head of the Yekaterinburg Research Institute of Virus Infections, said the virus that turned pigeons into zombies in Britain poses no danger to humans.

In an interview with Russian RIA Novosti, the expert points out that false bird plague, which may have caused the appearance of zombie baths in Britain, is sometimes diagnosed in people. But the course of this disease is mild and does not pose a threat to health.

“Infections with Newcastle virus have been periodically reported among high-risk poultry workers who come into contact with infected birds. But the likelihood of humans getting the disease is low, and its course in humans is mild, not like in birds,” he says.

He adds, explaining that the symptoms of infection with this disease are similar to those of respiratory diseases. It can also cause conjunctivitis. Currently, this disease does not pose any danger to humans.

Pigeons in the UK appear to be infected with Newcastle virus, or false bird plague, he said. This virus is a serious disease for birds. It causes great damage to poultry farms around the world, equivalent to bird flu, and mortality among birds infected with this disease reaches 30 percent.

Source: RIA Novosti