The expert told why the waters of the Black Sea turned red near the Russian Anapa

Philip Sabozhnikov, a senior researcher at the Institute of Oceanography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke about the causes of a rare environmental phenomenon that changed the color of the Black Sea waters near the Russian city of Anapa.

Sabozhnikov said that a storm that crushed brown and red algae growing in the Black Sea produced a lot of filamentous particles, and then the waves carried them ashore, which made the sea water turn red.

He noted that these types of algae “grow in very large numbers by the end of June, and then storms begin.”

This is due to the fact that the air is very hot, and the water is also not heated. This discrepancy between air and water temperatures leads to storms.

“What we see on the beach are new particles, 90% of which are broken filamentous red algae,” Sabognikov added, explaining that they float in the water in the form of small pieces.

The expert pointed out that these algae do not pose a danger to humans.

Source: RIA Novosti