The Facebook crisis leaves $ 114 billion in losses

The sudden malfunction of Facebook and its affiliated platforms has confused the whole world within 6 hours, which is the time in which Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services have stopped.

During that time, the world economy was hit, its rich were reorganized, and the tech stock markets of the world were hit.

The total losses caused by this malfunction are estimated in approximately $ 114 billion, spread between $ 60 billion in lost revenue from Facebook-affiliated platforms, and $ 47 billion representing the decline in Facebook’s market value.

In addition, the fortune of the Facebook founder dropped by about $ 6 billion to about $ 122 billion, placing him in fifth place among the richest people in the world after Bill Gates.

The closing losses on the global economy are estimated in approximately $ 968.537 million, according to calculations by the NetBlocks Foundation, which estimates the cost of Internet closures in Worldwide. The Foundation estimates the losses suffered by the global economy in the case in which Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp stop for an hour, at around 161 million dollars.

The interruption of the social media it came after a blow to the company by Frances Hogan, who was director of products at Facebook.

About a month ago, Hogan filed at least eight complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission, claiming Facebook is hiding research into its shortcomings from investors and the public.

The Facebook crisis has affected other giant companies like Amazon as well, as the company’s shares plummeted 3% yesterday, Monday, and with that decline, Jeff Bezos, the founder of the company, lost about $ 4.38 billion of his. wealth to reach $ 186 billion, ranking second after Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, who stands at $ 4.38 billion and his fortune is $ 211 billion.

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