The failure of the Houthis in Marib frustrates them . A goal in am I arriving inside Israel ?!

After a site web Israeli news outlet last week revealed a bank of Iranian targets of missiles and firing ranges, mainly nuclear and strategic structures, in case of war between the two sides in future, i media indicated that the Israeli port of Eilat on the Red Sea could be the next target of an air strike, a march by the Houthi militia.

According to reports, it is possible that “Eilat” will be the second target, after militias carried out an attack on facilities in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi last week, according to the Jewish newspaper “Haaretz”.

Houthi countered by getting Marib

He also continued that these attacks carry a message from Iran which he sent through his delegates in Middle East, stating that it does not intend to withdraw from its shares.

On the other hand, I thought it might also be an indication of the growing frustration of the Houthis with the failure of their efforts to make any progress in the Yemeni governorate of Ma’rib, despite all their past escalation.

The Houthi attack on facilities in the United Arab Emirates last Monday was met with many Arab and international condemnations, including Abu Dhabi’s assertion that it will not go unpunished.

Israel: our mission is to harm the Iranian regime

These developments have comein one moment in which Israel stresses the need for any international effort to address Iranian aggression with discussions on the nuclear dossier, especially as Tehran is negotiating in Vienna as its delegates continue their aggressive attacks in Other regions.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also revealed that the task entrusted to his country is to damage in significantly the Iranian regime.

As for Marib, since the beginning of last year (February 2021), the Houthi militia has intensified its attacks on the oil and gas-rich governorate, despite all the international and UN warnings about the dangers to the lives of thousands of displaced persons. , but to no avail with the advancement of the Giant’s Brigades and the Yemeni army e in means to the support of the Support Alliance, legitimacy in Yemen.

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