The families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane are calling on Canada to put more pressure on Iran

Since the downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane by two Iranian Revolutionary Guards air defense missiles, after taking off from the capital Tehran on January 8, 2020, when all 176 people on board were killed, the families of the victims have none effort if not to obtain “justice”.

As there were about 138 passengers on board the ill-fated plane who were linked to Canada as citizens, most of Iranian descent, the families of the victims urged Canadian political leaders to adhere to “truth and justice” in dealing with the Ukrainian plane. file.

In this regard, the Canadian newspaper “Ottawa Citizen” published a report on Saturday 18 September, according to which the Association of the Families of Flight Victims confirmed its request to the Canadian Police Department to open a criminal investigation to identify the real culprits in the accident.

The families of the victims also reiterated their appeal to the Canadian government to pressure Tehran through the International Court of Justice and the International Civil Aviation Organization to cooperate in the investigation.

The families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane are calling on Canada to put more pressure on Iran

A march for the families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane in Toronto (Reuters)

“It is disappointing that no mention of PAS 752 was made in the Canadian election,” Hamid Ismailon, a spokesman for the Flight 752 Victims Association, told Ottawa Citizen.

“I feel they have left us alone,” added Ismailioun, an Iranian-Canadian dentist who lives in Ontario, who lost his wife and daughter in the downing of the Ukrainian airliner.

He added that the Association of Flight Victims’ Families “wrote a letter to all political party leaders” during the Canadian election campaign, but received no meaningful response.

The Association of the Families of the Victims of the Downing of the Ukrainian Passenger Plane on Saturday again called on the Canadian federal government to adopt the “Magnitsky Law” and apply it against Iranian officials involved in the “PAS 752” flight crash.

The Magnitsky bill, presented by the Democratic and Republican parties to the United States Congress and approved by former US President Barack Obama in December 2012, provides for the punishment of the Russian figures responsible for the death of the deceased Russian anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in prison in Moscow in 2009.

Since 2016, the law authorizing the US administration to impose sanctions on human rights violators has been activated internationally in any country.

After the final report by the Iranian Civil Aviation Agency, on March 17, on the Ukrainian plane file in January 2020, the Association of Victims’ Families announced its rejection of the findings of this report after more than a year of investigations without providing something new, describing it as a fabrication.

The association released a statement stressing the need to refer the case to the International Court of Justice, stating that “the perpetrators themselves were responsible for investigating their crime, which did not help uncover the truth.”

He also confirmed that the shooting down of the plane was intentional and that its passengers were victims of the adventures of the Revolutionary Guards.

Furthermore, the families have called on the governments concerned and international institutions to expose the contradictions in this report and demanded that these governments “publish information that would be effective in obtaining justice”.

He also called for sanctions to be imposed on the Revolutionary Guards and Iranian regime officials, as they are the perpetrators of the crime of shooting down the plane and killing its passengers.

The statement also concluded that “the world should not stand by to punish the perpetrators of this crime and adopt rules that guarantee the safety of international flights over Iranian airspace.”

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