‘The Family Man 2’ fulfills the audience’s expectation

Audiences waited almost two years for Season 2 of the Family Man show. The second season of the show is now streaming on Amazon Prime and ‘The Family Man 2’ has fulfilled the expectations of the audience in every sense. Raj & DK – Manoj Bajpayee and the entire team are back with a tough show that won’t let you get up from your seat. The first season of the show was released without any hype. But after the release of the season, it was liked so much that there were a lot of expectations regarding season 2. The Family Man Season 2 is bigger, better and funnier than Season 1 in every way.

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The story of the show revolves around Shrikant (Manoj Bajpai) who has quit his task force job and now works in a 9 to 5 IT company. He is here trying to fit in perfectly and convinces himself that this life is a happy life. But circumstances take him back to the task force and now he has to head a dangerous mission in Chennai. This time he faces the Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels headed by Raazi (Samantha Akkineni).

Raj & DK has made a very good show. His writing is very tight and you can see his humor throughout the show. The entire show moves very fast with emotional drama. You will not be able to stop it before the end of the show, the more you praise Manoj Bajpai, the less it is. In every character, he dissolves in such a way that you cannot think of anyone other than him. The entire show rests on her shoulders. Samantha has also given a very powerful performance and she deserves praise. The entire cast has made the show perfect. Every character has left its mark.

The show is the perfect choice for this weekend binge watch. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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