The Fate of Ukraine’s War: The Next 3 Months Will Decide Its Outcome

The intelligence chief of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Kirillo Budanov, confirmed today, Monday, that the next three months will be “very active” to decide the course of battles.

“Russia is not ready”

He added in an interview on the radio “Voice of America” ​​​​​​that the matter is not related to the Dsk region or the Luhansk region, but to all of Ukraine, noting that “Russia is not ready for long-term hostilities … I am already saying that in as head of the intelligence agency”.

Complete darkness

Interestingly, the Russian operation in Ukraine completed its second year a few days ago, in a complete uncertainty about the fate of the conflict.

Some Western estimates have claimed nearly 100,000 Russian soldiers have thus far been killed in the battles, while Ukrainian estimates have claimed 200,000 killed, although the Russian defense rarely announces the killing of its soldiers, and perhaps its latest update in this context has so far only spoken of the killing of around 6,000 soldiers.

Convergence in the loss of human lives

On the other hand, Ukrainian losses are no less serious, according to some American estimates, as Pentagon officials have previously reported that losses of Ukrainian forces are in somewhat close to the Russian ones.

In addition to these human losses, of course, there are billions of losses in Ukraine due to the destruction of infrastructure and many cities and public facilities in the country as a result of Russian bombing.