The father of a child crushed by a military vehicle in Turkey: I wish I had seen him before he was killed

The repercussions of the killing of a Kurdish child on the outskirts of the state of Şırnak, in south-eastern Turkey, continue until now, even though he lost his life last Friday in hospital for injuries sustained after being crushed by a Turkish army vehicle near the Kurdish majority city The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party has sent a parliamentary memorandum to the Turkish Interior Minister, as well as 14 branches of the “Association Turkish lawyers ”condemned the murder of the child, Mehrac Miroglu.

The Miroglu family asks for the indictment of the driver of the military vehicle that caused the death of their 7-year-old son, who was preparing to enter the school, where he would have started the second year of school, and is the youngest of six brothers.

“great sadness”

Saleh, the father of the Kurdish child, expressed his “great sadness” because he did not meet his son on the day in who died as a result of his trip to the city of Iskenderun three days before the accident, appealing to the security authorities to take measures to limit the overflow incidents that have claimed dozens of deaths in Kurdish-majority cities in the south and south -eastern Turkey.

He told Al that “justice must run its course and the driver of the vehicle should be punished in so that such incidents do not happen again “, underlining that” this question is the only request of his family “.

He also explained that the accident happened in an uncrowded street, while the son went in bicycle, but the authorities have not yet arrested the driver, and have contented themselves with recording his statement to the Public Prosecutor and then leaving his office without being jailed.

The authorities did not act

In turn, a lawyer hired by the child’s family confirmed the follow-up to the complaint he filed with the security authorities that “the authorities have not acted so far”, adding: “Therefore, we will continue to put legal pressure on them until when the driver of the vehicle that caused Miroglu’s death is imprisoned “.

For its part, a source from the People’s Democratic Party revealed that it had received no response to the parliamentary memorandum sent to the Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu in about the repeated incidents of pedestrians hit by Turkish army vehicles in Kurdish majority cities.

He wondered: “If such incidents are not in racially motivated realities, why do they happen in Kurdish majority cities alone? “

The father of a child crushed by a military vehicle in Turkey: I wish I had seen him before he was killed

Turkish soldier

Interestingly, since the beginning of questyear until September 10 of questyear, 5 children lost their lives after 7 accidents involving military vehicles colliding with pedestrians. Five other children were also injured, along with an adult man, according to Hüseyin Kaçmaz, a member of the Turkish parliament for the pro-Kurdish party.

In addition to the pro-Kurdish party and some branches of the “Union of Turkish Lawyers”, Turkish artists have called for justice for the child Miroglu.

“We must ask the Minister of the Interior” about these incidents, wrote the star Barış Atay on his Twitter account, and attached his tweet to a series of questions he asked Soylu about Miroglu’s killing.

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