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The Federation of Saudi Houses is preparing to elect a new Chairman of its Board of Directors

The Federation of Saudi Houses announced that it has completed all the statutory requirements to start elections for the 15th session of its governing body for the term “2023-2026”.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the electoral process will start to choose a new president of the federation and two deputies who will lead the work process in federation during the next phase, including economic developments and opportunities.

The electoral process will be held at the Federation of Saudi Chambers headquarters in Riyadh, according to the requirements of the new chambers of commerce system and its executive regulations, under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and the Law Department of the Federation, to ensure the strict implementation of the system and achieve transparency and integrity.

The number of sessions of the Board of Directors of the Federation since its inception in 1980 has reached (14) sessions, in which (17) names have assumed the presidency, representing the most prominent names in the financial and business sector of the Kingdom.

Throughout its various phases, the federation has played an important role in serving the business sector and local and international investors by strengthening the Kingdom’s economic relations with trading partners around the world, as well as its contribution to the service of economic matters , development and social issues through effective partnerships with government agencies.

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