The FIFA president justifies the management of FIFA to organize the World Cup every two years

Fifa president Gianni Infantino said organizing the World Cup every two years would not affect the tournament’s charm and prestige.

Last May, the FIFA Council voted by a large majority in favor of making one studio of feasibility on the possibility of holding the World Cup every two years instead of four years.

This proposal has met with significant opposition from football federations, club, players and fan associations.

“It has already been agreed to organize a World Cup consisting of 48 teams (starting from the 2026 edition). There are still consultations to hold it every four years or every two years,” said Infantino. in a press conference on Tuesday.

He added: “We definitely want to organize more prestigious events, be it the World Cup or any other tournament, and since it is a magical tournament, this may be the reason we want to repeat it often.”

He continued, “The state of the event depends on its quality, not how long the NFL final is repeated each year, as well as Wimbledon and the Champions League each year, and everyone is looking forward to it.”

Infantino also announced that FIFA is looking to expand the World Cup for club, which is held every year.

“We want to increase the value of national leagues and local leagues. We need to find the right format so as not to damage the calendar of competitions and other events,” he added.

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