The fifth day of the fall of Kabul. Several challenges are troubling the Taliban

The “Governance Cup” will not be sweet and smooth for the Taliban, who surprised the world on Sunday by taking control of the Afghan capital after nearly 20 years of isolation. The eyes of the international community follow its movements, especially from its history it does not promise anything good despite all the reassurances and messages that its leaders have tried to convey in recent days to calm even international and local public opinion.

The movement faces many challenges, starting with the chaos that still reigns in the capital, Kabul, especially in the vicinity of the airport, where thousands of citizens gathered in an attempt to leave the country to the United States and other countries, passing through the challenges. economic, with the US administration confirming its willingness not to join the movement for state funds abroad or for US arms on Afghan soil, leading to conditional international recognition.

This is what the central bank governor revealed

Yesterday, Wednesday, the governor of the Central Bank of Afghanistan revealed that the country has $ 9 billion in overseas reserves, but no physical money inside the country after US President Joe Biden’s administration ordered the freezing of Afghan government reserves held in US bank accounts Sunday.

As Ajmal Ahmadi explained in a tweet on Twitter, most of those funds, about $ 7 billion, are held in the form of bonds, assets and gold in the US Federal Bank, adding that the holdings in Afghan Central Bank dollars have become “close to zeroBecause the country did not receive the scheduled cash shipments last week. .

From the vicinity of Kabul airport (Archive - The Associated Press)

From the vicinity of Kabul airport (Archive – The Associated Press)

“The expedition never arrived. It seems our partners had good information about what was going to happen,” he added, referring to Washington’s expectations for the fall of the capital, Kabul.

Furthermore, he saw that the Taliban had won militarily, but now they have to take over the government, which is neither easy nor easy!

In turn, the International Monetary Fund announced that it had suspended aid to Afghanistan due to uncertainty over the status of the leaders in Kabul after the Taliban took control of the country. A spokesperson for the Fund told AFP that the financial authority “follows the visions of the international community”, adding: “There is currently a lack of clarity in the international community regarding the recognition of a government that forms in the situation. current, and therefore this country cannot benefit from special drawing rights or other resources. ” International Monetary Fund”.

A women's demonstration in Kabul (Reuters)

A women’s demonstration in Kabul (Reuters)

Report Intifada

As for the local challenge, also important at the popular level, yesterday was represented by the so-called “flag revolt”, where many citizens, on symbolic stands in some provinces and regions have raised the Afghan flag in a defiant sign of the Taliban flag, which provoked elements of the movement, some of which resorted to intimidating weapons or even to beat citizens to disperse them.

In Jalalabad and Nangarhar, some Afghans came out joining the movement and raising their tricolor flag, while the Taliban responded by firing bullets in air, according to the agency “Cable News”.

In Kabul, some women raised banners calling for their rights to be safeguarded.

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