The Fifth Session of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordinating Council is Held

– Introduction
– Background on bilateral cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Iraq
– Fifth session of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council
– Participation and leadership from both Saudi and Iraqi delegations
– Goals of the session to strengthen relations between the two countries
– Approval of previous agreements and protocols between the two countries
– Focus on expanding bilateral cooperation in politics, security, trade, investment, culture, education, tourism, and energy
– Support for the OPEC Plus agreement and stability in the global oil market
– Discussion of the Saudi-Iraqi electric interconnection project
– Focus on economic and investment cooperation and partnerships
– Praising the growth of intra-trade between the two countries
– Appreciation for economic reforms in Iraq
– Highlighting the role of Saudi and Iraqi business councils in promoting economic relations
– Support for development projects in Iraq financed by the Saudi Development Fund
– Challenges faced in the process of development and how to overcome them
– Conclusion