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The final details before his death. The guide assigned to the terrorist group attended a meeting to support the chaos in Egypt

Sources inside the terrorist group “Brotherhood” have revealed the last moments in the life of Ibrahim Mounir, the leader of the terrorist group and leader of the London Front, who passed away today at the age of 85.

The Brotherhood reporter, Osama Gawish, said that Ibrahim Mounir attended a meeting with the leaders of his front yesterday evening on some developments within the group and its preparations for what he calls the “movement.” 11 November”. He was asked about the Brotherhood’s position in supporting this movement and replied, “They dealt with it positively,” adding that Munir felt a severe headache and dizziness, due to which he had to leave the meeting, and then he died hours later.

In another context, sources revealed to Al-Arabiya.net that with Munir’s death, the London Front abandoned the fight for the leadership of the group, especially in light of the inability of the rest of the group members, led by Mahmoud Al-Abyari, Jamal Heshmat and Helmy Al-Jazzar, to manage the front itself and not the terrorist group as a whole.Moreover, the Istanbul Front, led by Mahmoud Hussein, has monopolized most of the files, companies, investments and media of the platforms group.

He said the conflict is now confined between the Hussein Front and the Third Current, which used to be called the “Movement of Change”, and includes a group of leaders from the “Hasm” movement and quality armed committees known for their loyalty to the former leader. Muhammad Kamal, who was liquidated in clashes with the Egyptian security forces in October 2016.

He stressed that the conflict will ultimately resolve in favor of the Hussein Front, while members of the London Front could resort to the jurisdiction of the Istanbul Front or leave the group permanently, while the third current will depend for its presence on the adoption of violence. and fueling the armed conflict e in group name against authority in Egypt.

The interim general leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ibrahim Mounir, passed away today, Friday, at the age of 85.

The group announced Munir’s death in the capital, London, without announcing any funeral arrangements or cause of death.

Interestingly, the conflict between the two fronts in Istanbul and London has witnessed a temporary calm in recent times, after each of them claimed to have received a message of support and support from the group leader who is in Egyptian prisons. , Muhammad Badi, as the Istanbul front confirmed that it received a message of support from the leadership to its leader from Mahmoud Hussein, and his request to stop any division in the organization’s ranks and to make every effort to resolve the crisis of detainees, which was also mentioned by the London Front.

The schism officially began in December of last year 2021, with the Istanbul Front liberating Ibrahim Munir from the duties of general leadership of the group and instructing Mustafa Tolba to carry out his duties.


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