The Finals Update 2.8.0: Bug Fixes

A new update for The Finals, known as Update 2.8.0, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.


Fixed Gesture Animation Overriding Mesh Shield

  • An issue has been resolved where hand gesture animations were previously overriding Mesh Shield animations, leading to broken character poses. This fix ensures that the character poses correctly represent their defensive stance during gameplay.

Enhanced Weapon Inspection

  • Previously, throwing animations were not playing while players inspected their weapons. This has been corrected, ensuring fluid and seamless animations when players inspect their weapons mid-game.

New Intro Animation for Terminal Attack

  • To enhance the gameplay experience, an introductory animation has been added to the terminal attack mode. This new animation kicks off the countdown to the beginning of the round, making the gameplay more immersive.


Player Voice Line Restrictions

  • Voice lines will now be heard only by teammates, preventing opposing players from hearing them and ensuring strategic communication remains confidential within teams.


Anti-Gravity Cube Improvements

  • Increased Weight: The cube’s weight has been increased to prevent it from being easily moved by other objects in the game.
  • Bug Fixes: An issue has been fixed where objects attached to the cube would lift faster than intended. This also addresses an exploit that allowed players to use the cube to lift entire structures into the sky endlessly.

Dome Shield Fix

  • Fixed an issue where the Dome Shield could not glitch when its center was occluded. This ensures that the shield’s protective qualities function as expected in all scenarios.

Gameplay Enhancements

Introduction of Glitch Barrels

  • A new carriable object, Glitch Barrels, has been added to the Arena. These barrels can be picked up and thrown to apply their glitch effect in a designated area, much like Glitch Grenades. This effect hinders the target’s ability to use their Gadgets and Specializations.

Vault and Cashbox Issue Fixes

  • Vault Opening: Addressed an issue where players could start opening a Vault during an emote.
  • Cashbox Dropping: Fixed the bug where the Cashbox would drop far away from the player if it clipped through the map border.

Interaction Improvements

  • Interactions like using ziplines, pressing elevator buttons, and interacting with revive statues are now more responsive, especially for console and gamepad users.

Visibility and Movement Adjustments

  • Barrel Visibility: Improved the visibility of barrels in dark and monochromatic areas to enhance player awareness and interaction.
  • Sliding and Sprinting Fix: Fixed a bug where players sliding while auto-sprinting would get stuck between crouch and sprint states. Now, movement transitions remain smooth.

Team Damage and Environmental Bugs

  • Friendly Fire Fix: Resolved an issue allowing players to deal damage to their teammates, preserving the game’s cooperative dynamics.
  • Goo Trap Issue: Addressed a bug where players would get stuck in goo while running. Note that this fix applies to static surfaces; further work is being done to address goo behavior on moving platforms.

Map Enhancements

All Maps

  • Improved reflections on rooftops, enhancing visual quality and realism across all game maps.


  • The zipline at the Museum entrance now exits earlier automatically, preventing players from being carried to the ceiling and allowing smoother transitions.

Monaco Adjustments

  • Power Shift Mode: Adjusted spawn points to balance out the distances to the platform, reducing the need to chase the platform frequently when on defense.

Game Modes

Terminal Attack

  • Sound Cue for Final Countdown: A distinct sound now plays when only 15 seconds remain to stop the terminal decryption, adding a sense of urgency.
  • Icon Visibility Fix: The terminal icon will no longer appear centrally on the screen when decryption starts.
  • Weapon and Gadget Swap Limitation: Due to an unresolved issue, players can only swap weapons and gadgets between rounds, not in spectator mode after elimination.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

Ping Wheel Overhaul

  • New Messages: Added new ping messages “Breach here” and “Hold this Position.”
  • Hype and Danger Pings: “Hype” moved to the expression wheel, replacing “Need Help,” and “Danger” is now accessible by double-tapping the ping button on any target.
  • Organized Layout: Support/Social pings are now at the bottom, and tactical options are at the top of the wheel.
  • Clearer Commands: Renamed “Going here,” “Defending here,” and “Attacking here” to “Go here,” “Defend here,” and “Attack here” to better reflect they are team requests. This change aligns with character voice lines.
  • Simplified Ping Removal: When holding the ping wheel over your ping, only the remove option is now shown to clarify that you are acting on an existing ping.

Additional UI Fixes and Updates

  • Ping Wheel Cancelation: Fixed an issue preventing ping wheel cancelation.
  • Menu Clarity: Res oved UI elements being drawn over the in-game menu in Terminal Attack.
  • Scoreboard Clarity: Adjusted the background opacity to differentiate between dead and alive players on the scoreboard.
  • Frontend Responsiveness: Fixed an issue in the frontend where quick, successive clicks would not register properly.
  • Terminal Attack Contract: Corrected the required round completion on the contract from 10 to the intended 14.
  • Key Bind Changes: The “Hide UI” function has been remapped from F12 to F10 for better accessibility.
  • Player Card Lighting: Updated lighting on Player Cards for improved visual presentation.

Specializations Adjustments

Charge’N’Slam Improvement

  • The Charge’N’Slam ability can now clear higher obstacles when activated from the ground, reducing instances where players get stuck on game geometry.

Weapon Enhancements

Dagger and Melee Weapons

  • Backstab Validation: Improved the validation process for backstabs to enhance reliability. We encourage players to provide feedback on this adjustment.
  • Aim Assist Synchronization: Aim assist for backstabs is now synchronized with the blade’s swing, rather than the start of the charge-up.
  • Hit Validation: Enhanced hit detection for all melee weapons, ensuring more consistent and reliable contacts.
  • Melee Aim Assist Toggle: Introduced a setting to toggle melee aim assist on/off in the “Gameplay” section.
  • Sprint and Attack Optimization: Adjusted how sprinting is blocked during melee attacks. Sprint is now only interrupted during certain parts of the swing, varying by weapon, ensuring smoother pursuit and combat flow.
  • Persistent Sprint Toggle: Sprint toggling is no longer canceled by melee attacks, allowing players to chase targets efficiently without re-toggling sprint.

Riot Shield Enhancement

  • The Riot Shield can now be raised more quickly following an attack, enabling faster transition between offense and defense.

SR-84 Correction

  • The SR-84 is now correctly categorized as a Marksman Rifle in the game menus, resolving an earlier misclassification as a melee weapon.

Security Updates

  • General updates and improvements to enhance the game’s security and protect player data integrity.

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