The financial future of Prince Andrew is questioned after the Jeffrey Epstein affair

According to a report by, Prince Andrew’s future in the Royal Family, including the financial aspect, has been questioned. Earlier this year, the Prince gave an interview to the BBC, described by many media representatives as quite bizarre.

Because of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew would have been expelled from the royal family by his mother, Queen Elizabeth, and he was now paying for his own lifestyle. Page Six claims that the Queen had previously offered Prince Andrew an annual salary of £ 249,000, also free of tax.

In addition, the former member of the Royal Family received about £ 20,000 from his Royal Navy pension. An insider who spoke to this outlet claimed that Andrew had seemed quite wealthy in recent years and that it was unclear how he managed to find so much money.

David McClure, an author, told the UK Press Association that it was not clear how Andrew would manage to accumulate wealth. In the past, many personalities have speculated that Andrew is completing his lifestyle with his role as the UK’s commercial envoy.

He did not receive any direct money, but he was often treated with luxury dinners composed of other members from different royal families and business leaders. However, Andrew had to resign from his position in 2011 because of his relationship with the accused sex offender who allegedly committed suicide.

In addition, Andrew’s reputation has been questioned for meetings with autocrats around the world, including Muammar Gaddafi and Nursultan Nazarbayev. Four years ago in 2015, Andrew hosted a dinner between the Queen and Nazarbayev at Buckingham Palace.

In addition, between 2001 and 2008, the Prince visited the United Arab Emirates nine times, including Kuwait, Egypt and Bahrain. Travel was generally paid by British taxpayers. The Prince was supposed to promote British companies. However, in 2005, the Minister of Commerce asked him to name some contracts and he did not have any.


In a recent interview with the BBC, the prince admitted that he was hanging around Epstein to gain access to other influential figures around the world. Andrew described his relationship with Epstein as helpful in many ways, including how he had access to many powerful people.

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