The finishing touches to the Jeddah Corniche circuit

The pace of work is rapidly increasing to put the finishing touches on the Jeddah Corniche circuit, just two weeks before the start of the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, December 3-5, as the eyes of the world move on Jeddah to follow the challenge of the best drivers in the world in Formula 1.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit, the world’s fastest and longest street circuit for Formula 1, hosts the penultimate round one of the toughest seasons in Formula 1, which sees fierce competition for the title between seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and the driver who dreams of crowning his first title Max Verstappen.

Construction work on the circuit started last April and the track works are expected to be completed within the next few days, which constitutes another record to be added to the list of remarkable results recorded by the Jeddah Corniche F1 Circuit project, which is the fastest circuit built in Formula 1., indicating the hard work and dedication of the team of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, who made strenuous efforts to finish building this fantastic circuit in weather.

This result is distinguished by its achievement in light of the application of the best and most stringent health and safety conditions, and its construction process has been completed. in millions of hours of work without serious accidents at work and all the works have been carried out in compliance with detailed and strict labor laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in so as to ensure the protection of human rights. standard and requiring all workers involved in the construction of the Jeddah Corniche circuit to participate in the “Atlas” safety introduction program, which was mandatory for all employees of the Saudi Grand Prix, and in a way that embodies the strict standard that have been established, in when the necessary accreditation from access to the site has been revoked by those who have not participated in the program.

To complete the construction work in time, collaboration with 3,000 contractors was also requested in site of around 50 different companies, many of them local companies, with the life support of suppliers from countries such as Germany, Austria, UK, Spain and Italy, in addition to the application of standard rigorous and controlled by both Formula 1 and their monitoring consultants.

Achieving this extraordinary result required concerted efforts by all stakeholders and employees and working in the circuit as an integrated unit, according to the highest levels of quality. in aligned with the ambitions and goals set by the Kingdom Vision 2030, which aims to build a more prosperous future for the Kingdom, its citizens and residents.

Interestingly, the circuit is located in the picturesque Jeddah Corniche area on the Red Sea coast, approximately 12km north of the city center of Jeddah, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia in terms of population, in as it will be one of the most exceptional venues for a Formula 1 race, with the coastal backdrop Picturesque frame racing enthusiasm in track.

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