The first appearance of Hamdok .. Scenes that reunite him with Al-Burhan and Hemedti

The signing ceremony of the political agreement began today in Khartoum, Sunday, when the Sudanese Transitional Sovereign Council released the first photo of the President of the Sovereign Council, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, the dismissed Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and the Vice President. . Prime Minister, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), at the Palace of the Republic.

In parallel, Sudan TV broadcast some time ago in direct clip showing the three gathered in the room where the agreement was announced, in the presence of various media and numerous politicians and personalities.

This happened, after the rapid developments that have taken place in the Sudanese brace in the past few hours, in how much the Sudanese are in awaiting today the announcement of the political agreement reached between the civilian and military components.

Informed sources revealed that the agreement reached last night between the two parties (Al-Burhan and Hamdok) included various provisions, first of all the release of all political detainees since last October 25, when the army imposed exceptional measures and dissolved the government.

The collaboration continues

It also included the preparation of a charter to manage the next phase and to ensure the continuation of the military-civil partnership in the country’s government.

It established the need for consensus between the two sides on reform, working to build a unified national army and restructuring the committee to dismantle the al-Bashir regime while reviewing its performance.

He also stressed the need to initiate a dialogue between all political forces to establish the constitutional conference, as well as to accelerate the completion of all transitional government institutions.

Implementation of the Juba Agreement

It also entered into the implementation of the agreement pace of Juba and the completion of its rights, as well as ensuring the timely transfer of power to a civilian government.

Sources indicated that the deal was prepared by the two parties’ joint legal committees.

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