The first planes to transport Houthi prisoners arrive in Yemen under the Saudi initiative

The Coalition to Support Legittimacy in Yemen announced “the departure of the first planes carrying Houthi prisoners to Yemen as part of the Saudi humanitarian initiative”.

He explained that 3 phases of the air transport of the prisoners to Sanaa and Aden will be completed today, Friday.

And that the number of released prisoners is 108, and they will arrive respectively at Aden airport.

And the spokesman for the coalition forces, Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, said last April that “the leadership of the joint forces of the coalition will release the Houthi prisoners who participated in the combat operations against the lands of the kingdom, as an initiative. humanitarian as an extension of previous humanitarian initiatives “.

He also added that the step comes “in support of all efforts and efforts to end the Yemeni crisis and establish the pace and the efforts of the United Nations to consolidate the current truce and create an atmosphere of dialogue between the Yemeni parties, as well as to facilitate the closure of the file of prisoners and detainees in in line with Islamic values, humanitarian principles and authentic Arab traditions and the provisions of international humanitarian law represented in the texts and provisions of the Third Geneva Convention, the implementation of which has been suspended since 2018, according to the Stockholm Agreement.

He explained that the coalition’s Joint Forces Command is coordinating with the International Committee of the Red Cross to relocate them to Sana’a.

He also stressed: “The dossier on ending the prisoner exchange is of interest to the political and military leadership, which always stresses that this dossier is for purely humanitarian reasons, away from political and military calculations or gains.”

Interestingly, the United Nations announced on April 1 this April that the Yemeni sides agreed on a two-month armistice that began the next day, a complete cessation of military operations. in Yemen, in addition to the opening of the Sana’a airport to predetermined regional destinations, as well as the approval of the entry of ships carrying fuel into the port of Hodeidah.

The announcement of tale truce has arrived in that moment, in coinciding with the consultations in Riyadh, in which announced the formation of a presidential board of directors in Yemen on 7 April, to take over the political, military and security management of the state during the transition phase, where the council is headed by Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, with 7 members.