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The first Russian passenger electric ship is being tested in Moscow

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin recently took part in a test flight of the first Russian passenger electric ship.

According to available information, the ship made a 30-minute passage in the area between Kievskaya Embankment and Zaryadye Park across the Moscow River in the Russian capital.

In turn, Moscow Governor Sergei Sobyanin pointed out that “the authorities of the Russian capital are striving to implement a major investment project aimed at reviving regular passenger traffic along the Moskva River based on motor ships and electric boats designed to the latest international standards. , and that the current situation requires a revision of the project so that these ships and boats are built from locally developed equipment and technologies.

Sobyanin expressed the hope that in 2023 a route for electric ships across the Moscow River would be launched, and that it was planned to equip dozens of berths on the river for these ships, equipped with equipment for charging these ships. with electrical energy.

Russian media have previously indicated that each of the new electric ships developed in Russia will be able to accommodate 130 passengers and will be able to swim for 4 hours on a single charge.

Source: Russian agencies


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