The forces of pace of Tigray seek asylum in Sudan

More than 500 forces of pace United Nations in the Ethiopian region of Tigray refused to return, fearing for their safety, and asked for asylum in Sudan, highlighting deep ethnic divisions.

Until last year, Ethiopian forces represented the majority of the 4,000-member mission in the disputed Abyei region between Sudan and South Sudan. The Ethiopian force was replaced by a multinational force in light of the deteriorating relations between Addis Ababa and Khartoum against the backdrop of a land dispute and the Renaissance dam Ethiopia built on the Blue Nile, which Sudan fears may threaten its access to water.

A spokesperson for the strength of pace of the United Nations told AFP in New York that most of the Ethiopian forces had returned, but some of their members had sought asylum.

The source explained that “a number of forces of pace they have decided not to return and ask for international protection, which the United Nations will protect in a safe place. “He continued:” The responsibility for granting them political asylum rests with the Sudanese authorities, who receive the assistance of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in welcoming these people. “

And 528 Ethiopian soldiers from Tigray have applied for asylum in Sudan, according to Major Gebre Kidani, former peacekeeper of Tigray, and two of his comrades have confirmed the number to the AFP.

Explaining her decision to apply for asylum in early March, Kidani, 40, said in a phone call with the AFP while he was in Abyei: “Back in Ethiopia is not safe and we want to be the voice of the Tigrinya people “in front of the international community and the Ethiopian government did not respond to requests. AFP obtained a comment on the soldiers’ asylum request.