The French interior minister apologizes for the chaos of the Champions League final

PARIS: French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin offered a partial apology for the chaos in last month’s Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Paris on Tuesday, insisting that fake tickets and “neglect” were the main reasons for the happened. “Should things have been handled better at the Stade de France?” he asked in an interview with local radio RTL. The answer is yes. Am I partially responsible? The answer is yes. “” Of course, I apologize to everyone who suffered from this mismanagement, “he added. The final match was marked by scenes of chaos as Liverpool fans struggled to enter the stadium to watch. at the match, which raised doubts about the French capital’s ability to host the 2024 Olympics. After the scenes of fans gathering in confined spaces and being subjected to tear gas by police, politicians and athletes angered politicians and athletes Dharmanan poured gasoline on the fire by blaming fans for carrying fake tickets. Martin Kalin, UEFA’s director of sporting events, told French senators who were investigating the case last week that the number of fraudulent tickets counted by his body was far fewer than the tens of thousands claimed by French authorities. In this regard, he said: “We do not believe the number mentioned in France is correct, “adding that they counted 2,600 fake tickets at the turnstiles (at the entrance to the stadium) and not from 30,000 to 40,000 as Darmanan claims. On Tuesday, the Interior Minister insisted that” the issuance of counterfeit tickets. .. is what created the difficulties we all know. “He added:” If something goes wrong at the Stade de France it is to combat negligence “, noting that he had previously ordered the police reorganization around the stadium and that from the continental final three major games had been played without incident. A report issued by the French government on the 10th of this month stated that a series of “failures” by the authorities caused chaos in the Champions League final and regretted the police response to the events that took place. caused “serious damage to France’s image.” Pressure on France increased after the local football federation revealed to the Senate that the film or the CCTV of the “Stade de France” stadium had been destroyed after it had not been the subject of a judicial order, in in line with French law, knowing that the French police have confirmed that he still has his and that for justice. (AFP)