The French Senate acquits Liverpool fans for causing chaos in the Champions League final

LONDON: A French Senate report confirmed today, Wednesday, that fans of the club England’s Liverpool were wronged on charges of causing chaos around the Champions League final which took place in the French capital, Paris, last May, to “distract attention” from failed regulators. The Senate has listened. Liverpool fans, along with French police and government officials and Martin Kalin, director of the European Football Federations (UEFA), to unveil the cause of the crisis that led to the delay of half a meter in the start of the Champions League final. time from the original date. At first, Gerald Darmanan, French Interior Minister, confirmed that the reason for the delay of the match was the severe overcrowding of the gates intended for Liverpool fans, some of whom did not have tickets for the match that took place at the Stade de France in the suburb of Saint-Denis, which prompted the police to shoot gas, tears also to the fans, in waiting to enter the stadium. “It is unfair that the desire to hold Liverpool fans accountable for the riots that occurred, as the Interior Minister did to divert attention from the authorities’ inability to properly direct the crowds present and limit the actions of several hundred. perpetrators and criminals coordinating their actions with each other. ”The report found that chaos was caused by a” chain of events and equipment failures “in the days and hours before kick-off. report added: “The systems put in act have shortcomings regarding intelligence (lack of troublemakers in stadiums but large number of offenders), transport methods for fans (removal of the landing road in proximity of the stadium) and insufficient communications “.” The crisis scenarios have not been sufficiently elaborated and the necessary flexibility has not been demonstrated in the face of many unforeseen events, “explains the report. The Senate report indicated that the French authorities should draw lessons from the “serious collective bankruptcy” that has occurred and put them in act during hosting of next year’s Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympic Games. The report described UEFA’s handling of the ticket system as “inappropriate” and criticized the lack of training for moderators, who claimed they were quickly exposed to a large number of fans. The Senate revealed that UEFA had not put up in act in advance a system to detect the extent of ticket fraud, as the report stated that the French Football Association had identified 2,471 fake tickets, including 1,644 in the southern sector of the Liverpool Fans stadium. The Senate recommended implementing a non-manipulable ticketing system for such important events and improving coordination between supervisors and police. (Dpa)