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The FunFair Wallet gaming dApp platform receives multitude of updates

FunFair, a gaming platform ecosystem powered by blockchain, released the latest update Notes on what is the FunFair Wallet developer team reached with their latest technique changes.

These completed updates have a major impact on developers long with feature improvements for end users of the wallet solution, see below the recent changes.

Developer improvements

The funfair team added three big features and some redundancy plans over the past month in portfolio, including:

  • Network change: dApp developers May want for work with many networks and not just Ethereum, above all with BSC and Solana growth. Thanks to FunFair’s network change feature, developers You can now switch their users to any enabled network they support. Therefore, guaranteeing its users an uninterrupted service experience independently of which blockchain ecosystem they are interacting with with.
  • Load on request: Developers get better experience using the development kit software FunFair (SDK). Now they can choose when want or need load the wallet, reducing the load times and ensuring a faster dApp experience for all.
  • DApp modal control: Now, dApps can choose to self-close modals if users don’t approve or reject the transaction in a certain period. An example of this is shown in The recent from FunFair Payload game found in the Laboratories. If a user doesn’t confirm the xDai transaction before game begins, the dApp can close the modal. Thus ensuring a specific time events do not offer to the user options which are no longer relevant and provide a better user experience.
  • Multi-Nodes: FunFair Wallet client can now have multiple nodes. Guaranteeing developers can be sure wonnon means downtime for their users if one knot drops.

End-user functionality

Also, FunFair reports that a lot of time has been spent over the past month improving the user experience, some of the more important features now included:

  • Exchange of pancakes: With the recent addition of Binance Smart Chain Support (Read more Here), users can now use Pancake Swap to initiate trades within the FunFair wallet by opening up a new Binanceance ecosystem of tokens for users.
  • Growl notifications: Simply put, users now get a popup notification for messaging such as receiving or sending Eth, not to mention transaction updates such as “completed” or “failed”. Allow users to browse in the whole dApp without fear of miss essential updates.
  • Uniswap Quotes v3: Users like for know they get the best deal, then the FunFair wallet compares the exchange quotes from Uniswap v2 and v3 and thus offers the lowest price to the user. Ensure they are getting the best outbreak for their dollar /token.
  • Whitelist contracts: Users like saving time, but not at the expense of safety. That’s why the team here has enabled approved whitelists for contracts they trust, speeding up up the submission process for token to authorized recipients and ensuring less annoying popups. However, sending Eth will always require approval, regardless of whether it is a whitelist or not. just another way FunFair maintains a high value assets sure.
  • Gas taxes: High gas tariffs will always be highlighted to users before sending token (regardless of contract whitelist status). In addition, users can set gas thresholds for ensure them ever spend more how comfortable they are with.
  • Browser integration: For a better user experience, when a user accesses the amusement park’s wallet via a browser, there is no longer a popup that brings users out of the dApp experience. Rather, an integrated modal on-site now takes his place. This will appear integrated for most browsers, although some browsers like safari and brave blocked the third-party cookies. Don’t worry though; if it cannot embed the authentication mode in the browser will return to a popup. Therefore, this configuration covers any custom user settings and any browser.
  • Security improvements: Users never needed to worry private keys with the FunFair wallet, providing a web 2.0 experience on web 3.0 technology. But the team has improved the recovery key flows. If a user recovers the password on device one and then he recovers on device two, both are recognized. Previously it would have invalidated any other recovery, which was difficult for lost devices. In changing this, FunFair has increased security key dimension with which the wallet encrypts it, making it uniform more sure.

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