The German League refuses to stop the competition, in amid the increase in Corona injuries among players

Munich: Bayern Munich duo Joshua Kimmich and Eric Maxim Shubo-Moting have become the latest infected with the new Corona virus, while the German Football League today rejected requests to stop the Premier League and the second division until at the end of quest’year. Bayern Munich, holder of the German title (Bundesliga), said midfielder Kimmich, who did not receive the Corona vaccine, will be quarantined at his home after his champion tested positive for test to detect infection with the new Corona virus, adding that the 26-year-old is in a good state. The club Bavarian added that Chobo-Moting is subjected to isolation at his home, according to the recommendations of the competent health authorities, and is in good conditions. And Chubo Moting and Kimmich are among five other Bayern Munich players who have had to undergo isolation after contact with people infected with Corona. Kimmich caused a sensation about vaccination in German football when he revealed several weeks ago that he had not received the vaccine. Kimmich had to undergo isolation two weeks ago with colleagues, after Niklas Zule’s sample tested positive, despite questlast (Zoleh) had taken the vaccine. Zule returned to his team’s training today, Wednesday, as well as Josep Stancic, who was infected with the Corona despite being vaccinated twice, Bayern announced. Sergey Gnabry, Jamal Musiala and Michael Koisance are subject to isolation, and Bayern play their games with several absences due to injury or suspension, and yesterday, Tuesday, in Champions League beat Ukraine’s Dynamo Kyiv 2-1. Julian Nagelsmann, team manager, explained that the absence of many players could lead to many problems over the course of the season and said after the team game in Ukraine: “I would be happy if sports magazine (Kicker) reported that both Sergei Janabri and Jamal Musiala received the first dose of the vaccine correctly.” This will be the first step, “Nagelsmann added, before returning. in Germany: Bayern Munich face Armenia Bielefeld next week but will play their first match against Borussia Dortmund in ten days without midfielder Joshua Kimmich. Ironically, Kimmich’s exposure came after he appeared to be ready to take the vaccine. “I’ve talked to Joshua and it looks like he’s moving in the direction of getting the vaccine,” German coach Hansi Flick said Wednesday. Referring to mandatory vaccination: “I just assume that in there will still be no possibility of the future. “And Sven Meslintat, Stuttgart’s sporting director, was infected, in amid an increase in the number of injured in the country. Helge Leonhart, president of the club Erzberg Oh in second division, has asked for the suspension of league competitions until the end of the year in first and second division, with those matches to be held at the beginning of 2022. It is the basis for action in under federal regulations. Therefore, a self-imposed national block in the form of an interruption of the season is not a problem ”. Helge Leonhardt, president of Erzberg Oh, told the MDR and Bild newspaper Tuesday evening that football officials must act in amid a spike in injuries and new regional lockdown measures. “We want to stop football matches until the end of December,” Leonhardt told the newspaper. The next four weeks will be very difficult for our country and there will be a test crucial. There will be a need for intelligent and orderly work, not chaotic work ”. Leonhardt told MDR: “I trust virologists and doctors, and when they say we are facing exciting weeks, the footballers of the club they shouldn’t go to Bremen to play in front of 20,000 spectators “. (dpa)

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