The German national team renounces its historic title

Frankfurt: It was decided to withdraw the title of the German national football team, “Mannchaft” (the team), starting now, after protests from fans and a number of officials. Yesterday, Thursday, the German Football Association announced that its supervisory board and shareholders’ meeting had unanimously decided to stop using the “Mannchevt” stock as a brand. The German national team has long held the title of “Manchester”, especially abroad, and has become the team’s official brand since 2015, one year after winning the 2014 World Cup. in Brazil. But the team’s mediocre results in recent years have led to a rethinking of the matter, and fans have voiced their rejection of the title on the grounds that it carries a lot of exaggeration, and former Bayern Munich star Lothar Matthaus and the president of la German Football Association, Hans Joachim Watzke, has asked for the title to be dropped. “The appearance of the team is more important than the name, however,” said Bernd Neuendorf, president of the German football association. The team embodies the values ​​upheld by the federation on and off the pitch, shows its position, inspires its fans and creates a union with them ”. “In this regard, I have full confidence in (manager) Hansi Flick and (DFD director) Oliver Bierhoff and the players, who made a great new start last year, “he added. (Dpa)