The German soccer legend praises Messi after winning the World Cup and beating his own record

Berlin: Luther Matthaus, former captain of the Germany national football team, has praised Argentina’s star Lionel Messi for leading his country to a World Cup win for the third time in its history. Messi beat the record held by Matthews, as the player who has played the most matches in World Cup history, when he participated in the final match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which ended in Argentina’s victory 4/2 on penalties over France, after drawing 3/3 after the end of the two halves The original and extra games for the match, which was held at Lusail Stadium the day before yesterday, Sunday. Matthews played in 25 matches during his World Cup career, the most notable of which was the World Cup Final in Italy in 1990, which ended in a 1-0 victory for the (car) team over its Argentine counterpart led by Diego Maradona, before Messi broke the number, following his 26th encounter with the tango dancers. Matthews praised Messi in his Sky TV column, where he said: “What a player! What a star! How did he lead this team to the title at the age of 35? It is something that cannot be described in words.” Matthaeus added, “If anything was needed to immortalize him with his fans, now he’s achieved it. We can be happy and grateful for his experience and continue to admire him ”. Matthaus declined to get involved in the debate over whether Messi is now the greatest ever player in football history, noting: “Messi is definitely the best of this millennium and one of the greatest athletes we have ever seen.” The German Star in pension added that the Argentina national team deserved to win the title because they were “the best team in this wonderful tournament”, explaining that he was happy for this country crazy about football. Messi had declared his fifth World Cup in Qatar would have been the last of his football career, but Matthews said he wouldn’t be surprised if Messi appears in the next edition of the World Cup in 2026 in the United States of America, Mexico and Canada. Matthews hinted at the end of his speech: “I’m not sure this version will be his last World Cup final.” (dpa)