The goalkeeper of the Moroccan national team refuses to speak a language other than Arabic

Rabat: Goalkeeper of the Moroccan national football team, Yassine Bounou, refused the request of the organizer of the press conference to speak in a language other than Arabic, as part of the activities of the African Nations Championship “Cameroon 2021”. Bono continued his speech in Arabic in press conference with the coach of the Moroccan national team, Vahid Halilhodzic, on Thursday, on the eve of match between Morocco and Comoros. Bono’s refusal arrives in absence of simultaneous translation from Arabic into English or French. Morocco opened the group competition by beating Ghana, to share the advantage with Gabon, with 3 points each. Gabon defeated their Comoros counterpart 1-0 on Monday in Group C competitions. Cameroon will host the 2021 Africa Cup between 9 January and 6 February 2022. (Anatolia)