The Golden Shoe .. Is it really gold?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The New Straits Times has revealed whether the copies of the Golden Shoe award awarded to the scorers are made of gold or some other metal. This came after the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, won the Golden Shoe award for the third time in his career, after being in tops the list of top scorers in the English Premier League in this season. The Egyptian star shared the award with South Korean international, Tottenham Hotspur, Son Heung-min, after each of them scored 23 goals. More assists than anyone other in the #PL! @MoSalah is the Castrol director of 2021/22 of the Season ✨ / CmPvgMKDW3 – Premier League (@premierleague) May 22, 2022 Newspaper Says Many Soccer Fans Have a Confusing Question in every occasion in which a player is crowned Golden Shoe, is the shoe he gives players really gold? It revealed that most of the copies of the golden shoe awarded to the scorers of various European leagues, including the English Premier League, are made in a plated copper alloy in gold, or the shoe can be sprayed with gold paint. The newspaper added that no football association in the world would want to award an annual prize for a shoe in pure gold, especially since the shoe can weigh about a kilogram, so it will be very expensive. The newspaper pointed out that the quality of the golden shoe varies from one country to another, but most countries produce the golden shoe in gold plated copper. The newspaper points out that in the English Premier League, Golden Boot winners receive an economic prize of £ 1,000 for every goal scored during the season, provided that tale amount is donated in charity, so the value of crowning the Golden Shoe is moral rather than material. The Golden Shoe award began in the English Premier League in the 1993-1992 season, and former England striker Teddy Sheringham is the first to win this award in the English Premier League, while Frenchman, Thierry Henry, former Arsenal star, is the one who has won the Golden Boot award 4 times in the history of the English Premier League. Liverpool top scorer Egyptian star Mohamed Salah shares with former England international Alan Shearer and current Tottenham star Harry Kane second place on the list of most Premier Golden Boot winners English League, with three gold shoes for each. In general, the Golden Shoe award is awarded in several leagues and tournaments, including the World Cup and the European Nations Cup, and the European Golden Boot is awarded annually to the player who scores the most goals in European leagues and Argentine star Lionel Messi is considered the Most crowned with the L’Europeo Golden Boot, six times, while his Portuguese rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, is the most top scorer in Champions League history.