The governor of the Banque du Liban and his brother in the eye of the storm. What’s happening?

While die Lebanese judiciary in general remains silent on many issues, particularly the question of hearing or reviewing the governor of the Banque du Liban at the request of a Swiss person, a judicial source told Reuters that die Lebanese public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into Riad Salameh.

He added that this step came after a Swiss legal request, in the die Misappropriation of more than $ 300 million die Bank was alleged by a company owned by Salama’s brother.

In addition, stated die senior judicial source that die Offices of Raja, Salama’s younger brother, closed with red wax and die The computers and files contained therein were confiscated as part of the investigation

No comment for security reasons

However, the Attorney General did not comment on the case. Even Riad Salameh, who denies wrongdoing, had no comment when Reuters asked him if he die Open an investigation or his brother’s office and die wanted to close confiscated files.

The Lebanese central bank again declined to provide comments or contact information for die Deploy Salameh Towers.

Swiss investigation into dangerous money laundering

It is noteworthy that die The Swiss Public Prosecutor’s Office announced in January last year that it would seek legal assistance from Lebanon in connection with an investigation into “dangerous money laundering” and possible embezzlement in connection with the Banque du Liban.

In detail was in the then Swiss legal aid application claims that the company Fawry Associates, which belongs to the brother of the governor of the Banque du Liban, has a bank account in Switzerland, which received commissions on the sale of euro-denominated bonds and Lebanese government bonds, and the fact that this account had received financial transfers from the Central Bank of Lebanon worth $ 326 million between 2002 and 2014 were reported as fees and commissions designated.

In addition, were die Most payments to Fawry were then transferred to an account at Basem Raja Salameh.

In addition, it says in the document that between 2008 and 2012 more than $ 7 million was transferred from the Fawry Associates account to an account held on behalf of Riyadh Salameh.

Central Governor Transfers

A Lebanese government official told Reuters in January that die Swiss authorities die Investigate financial transfers made by the Central Governor and die Investigate activities of his brother and assistant.

In contrast, Riad Salameh described all allegations of such transfers as fabricated. In a statement from the prosecutor in January, he said he had answered questions die on behalf of the Swiss authorities. He added: “I assured him that no transfers were made from the Banque du Liban accounts or from their households.”

An unprecedented crisis

These developments come at a time in that of the banking sector in the heart of Lebanon’s unprecedented financial crisis, die Erupted in late 2019 since die Banks die Customers have largely been prevented from holding on to their dollar deposits, and ever since die Money transfers abroad with the growing scarcity of banks have ceased dollars.

The financial collapse has caused the value of the local currency to collapse, forcing the country to declare that it cannot repay national debt, and at least die Half of the population in die Has pushed poverty.

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