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The Greek foreign minister has refused to get off his plane at Tripoli airport and come back

The government of Libyan unity has deplored the “refusal” of the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, to get off the plane upon his arrival in Tripoli, and his return “without providing explanations”.

This was stated in a statement from the Foreign Ministry in the government of national unity, Thursday 17 November 2022, published on Facebook. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “At the request of them (the Greeks), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has granted the Greek Foreign Minister its approval to visit Tripoli,” Thursday morning. And he added: “The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Naglaa Al-Mangoush) was waiting for him, according to diplomatic norms”.

And he added: “However, in a surprising situation that calls for resentment, the Greek minister refused to get off his plane, and returned where he came from without any explanation”. And the Farnesina added that it “deplores this behavior, and will take the appropriate diplomatic measures to preserve the prestige and sovereignty of the Libyan state”.

The Farnesina referred to the “crude policies and positions taken in recent days by the Greek Foreign Minister towards the interests of the Libyan state, which were reflected in his unbalanced statements on Libya’s sovereignty and its right to relations that satisfy the aspirations of his people”.

Meanwhile, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said he had canceled his visit in Libya, due to the violation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the interim government of national unity of the agreement on the agenda of the visit. Dendias wrote on Twitter: “My visit to Tripoli has been cancelled… where I was supposed to meet the President of the Presidential Council, Muhammad al-Munfi, because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs broke an agreement not to meet them… and the visit to northern Libya continues as usual.”

Dendias said in a press conference after meeting his Italian counterpart, Antonio Tajani, in Rome, that his visit to Benghazi carries messages, in particular emphasis on the need to ensure a process that allows elections to be held in Libya, with the withdrawal of foreign forces.


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