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The Saudi national team scored a deserved victory over his brother Oman in the second round of the second round of the 2021 World Cup qualifying Asian finals, first leg in scene yesterday at Bausher’s Sultan Qaboos Complex Stadium in Muscat, leading the team to sixth point, in lead the group with the Australian team, who beat Vietnam with a clean goal,

The only goal of the match was scored by Saleh Al-Shehri with a powerful shot that hit the door of Oman.

first half

The match began with the same squad that Renard relied on against Vietnam, with Mohamed Kno joining in bench to replace the injured Abdullah Atif. None of the coaches have changed his way of playing, and the substitute seemed clear on both sides.

After 20 minutes, there was a relative superiority of the Omani team, who took three corners, and on 25 minutes, Salem Al-Dosari tried to surprise the Omanis with a shot from outside. area, but the ball went through Oman goal as the first direct threat of the game.

From an Omani counterattack in the 27th minute the hosts close to scoring, but the Omani striker rushes to pass the ball to leave the field.

The first half was negative until the 42nd minute and from a cross from Al-Faraj to Fahd Al-Mawlid, questlast gifted it to Saleh Al-Shehri, who benefited from his scoring position in splendid way the goal of the Saudi advance. The referee added three minutes of added time until the first half ended with this goal, which was the highlight of this half.

Second half

The second half begins and the Omani team’s desire to change the result is evident: in the 49th minute Muhammad Al-Owais saves a header from Al-Mundhir Al-Alawi, and in the 54th minute, on an organized attack, Saleh Al -Shehri almost added the second goal of the Saudi team, if the ball had not gone very close to Fayez Al-Rashidi’s goal, and when At 58 ‘, Abdulelah Al-Maliki received a yellow card after interfering with the striker of Oman in the middle of the field and interrupting a dangerous Oman counterattack.

The game came in the 75th minute and the result of the first half did not change, although the Omani manager Branko made some offensive changes, but the Saudi team was more focused in these minutes, and there was no change from Hervé Renard in the 80th minute with the entry of Ayman Yahya as a substitute for Al-Shehri.

As the end of the match approached, Oman’s performance decreased and the side fitness he was weak, which helped Al-Akhdar control the final ten minutes of the match.

The Saudi national team coach was forced to remove Abdulelah Al-Maliki for fear of getting a card that could take him out of the game and insert Ali Al-Hassan to activate the midfield and close the defense.

The match referee added 5 minutes of added time and Mohammed Al Owais saved Al Ghailani’s dangerous shot in the 91st minute.

And the Oman national team continued to run in injury time and missed a goal with Al-Mundhir Al-Alawi.

The Omanis did not calm down and took a corner kick that hit the crossbar as the most dangerous opportunity in Oman, and it was the last ball of the match.The referee ended the match with the victory of the Saudi team with a net goal marked by Saleh Al-Shehri.

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