The “Green Saudi Arabia” and Green Middle East “initiatives will be launched next week

An unprecedented event in Saudi Arabia, represented by the official launch of the Green Saudi Initiative on Saturday and the Green Middle East Initiative next Monday.

The two initiatives were previously announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman last March. But the date of the disclosure of their details is doubly important, in what comes a few days before the COP26 world climate summit in Glasgow early next month, which will be the most important international forum for discussion on climate issues since the 2015 Paris conference, where signatory countries are expected to update their climate goals.

The Green Saudi Initiative will put the Kingdom in the initiative’s position in the international arena to address climate challenges, from its position as one of the largest oil producers in the world.

Saudi Arabia will reduce carbon emissions by more than 4% of the global contributions needed to meet the goals set in the Paris Climate Agreement.

This will be achieved through a number of programs, the most important of which are renewable energy projects that will provide 50% of the Kingdom’s electricity generation by 2030, as well as clean hydrogen technology projects, including the largest production of green hydrogen in the world, in the city of NEOM, with investments of 5 billion dollars.

These and other projects will wipe out more than 130 million tons of carbon emissions, a huge number for the size of the Kingdom’s economy and population.

Green Initiative for the Middle East

In addition to local goals, Saudi Arabia is leading an ambitious regional effort through the Green Middle East Initiative, bringing the countries of the region with a strong and audible voice to the Climate Summit.

Through this initiative, Saudi Arabia will provide its expertise and experience to countries in the region to help them reduce carbon emissions from oil production by more than 60%, which will help countries in the region achieve carbon emissions reductions. carbon more than 10% of the global target.

These two initiatives come after other initiatives taken by the Kingdom during its presidency of the Group of Twenty last year, which led the group to adopt the concept of a circular carbon economy, to establish the first special working group for the environment. and launch two initiatives to reduce land degradation and protect coral reefs.

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