The Griffin: A Fantasy Series Taking the Streaming World by Storm, Beating Out The Lord of the Rings and House of the Dragon

The Best SVOD Platforms for Watching Popular TV Shows and Films

SVOD platforms: gargantuan catalogs

The launch of the SVOD offer of Netflix has changed the way on consumes series and films. We are no longer expecting the broadcast of the episodes on television months later in other territories, nor the physical release of these programs. We have also seen “binge watching” become more democratic, even if certain platforms, such as HBO Max, diffuse in dribs and drabs to generate expectation. We also have access to a vast catalog of films, series, cartoons and documentaries for a sum that remains modest despite everything. The phenomenon has spread around the world, and Netflix has seen many competitors follow suit.

HBO Max, OCS, Canal+, Disney+, Paramount+ and the late Salto are just a few of the examples, to which Crunchyroll, ADN or Wakanim have little to add for anime. On the strength of its financial strength and son grand number of subscribers around the world, Amazon decided to launch its own platform in 2006, included in the Prime subscription. Since then, the service has grown, and on start having a grand number of series or films produced internally. We spoke to you recently the success of Citadel, the series that launches a whole new universebut another series, released at the end of May, won all the votes, doing better than The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and House of the Dragonjust that.

The Griffin sinks its claws into the public

This series is The Griffin, a fantasy series whose first season features six episodes. You may not have heard of it, but the public expressing son opinion on Rotten Tomatoes was won over, and that’s saying something. On the aggregator, The Griffon shows a magnificent 91% in score audience. For comparison, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is only 38% and House of the Dragon, however widely acclaimed, is at 84% for the public. Created and toured in Germany by Sebastian Marka and Erol Yesilkayathe series Le Griffon is based on the novel Der Grief, written by the very productive author Wolfgang Hohlbein.

It tells the story of three friends, Mark (Jeremias Meyer), Memo (Zoran Pingel) and Becky (Lea Drinda), who discovers a fantasy world full of danger called The Black Tower. In this universe, a terrible griffin reigns supreme. Mark, simple son of a carpenter, discovers that he is the only being be able to end the tyranny imposed by the mythical creature. But Mark doesn’t want to deal with that, and we have to wait for the disappearance of son brother Thomas so that he decides to do face To son fate. Currently, six episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video. Allow about an hour per episodecounting the credits!

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