The guest of the Rawafed program is Khaled Ziadeh, the Lebanese ambassador in Cairo

This week’s “Rawafed” episode will feature Khaled Ziadeh, Lebanon’s ambassador to Cairo for 9 years, aligning diplomatic missions with the intellectual’s mission, concerns and questions.

Dr. Khaled Ziadeh is a thinker, historian, and social researcher. His students introduced him to the exceptional academic who facilitated access to knowledge, and his readers introduced him to the historian and prospector of what is hidden in ancient documents and manuscripts. He told the story of the “rise of the city” on its social, urban and modernist paths. “To ask about the course of these revolutions and their failures in general, and it was an increase that he lived and witnessed their transformations in both Egypt and Lebanon.

He also spoke about the corona pandemic, comparing it to the Spanish influenza pandemic a hundred years ago. He said that 50 million people were killed, but not much was mentioned in the story, and he also said that there are 300,000 Egyptians killed because of the pandemic, and Psycho Pico was also killed because of the pandemic.

Then he moved on to the Arab revolutions that have been going on since 2011. He said that they were not studied, were not prepared, and were not revolutionary leaders in them and that they had major international interventions and that these revolutions would be successful in social, not political change, and he added that the phenomenon of “revolutions of 2011 “provoked Arab expansion, and this is evidence. However, there are similarities in the systems and similarities in the culture as well.

He also referred to the city of Tripoli, stating that it made a great contribution to that city and its men in building Lebanon in the 1960s, led by “Rashid Karami” in terms of reform, song and prosperity. He added an increase at the end of the meeting saying that Tripoli was the center of the state off Beirut 200 years ago, but when it lost its role as a major port during the Ottoman era, it was no longer the case.

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