Gaming The Guns Akimbo trailer puts Daniel Radcliffe into a...

The Guns Akimbo trailer puts Daniel Radcliffe into a live-action video game– and offers him gun-hands


In the world of Jason Lei Howden’s raucous indie action movie Guns Akimbo, the web is obsessed with a “genuine life” video game called Skizm, where random people are selected to combat to the death with actual weapons and lorries. He trolls the incorrect live stream, and a group of hooligans gets here at his house, extremely beats him, bolts weapons to his hands, and kidnaps him into the game.

Again: Miles must battle for his life with weapons bolted to his hands, and he’s informed he’s going to pass away unless he eliminates the present Skizm champion, the undefeatable Nix (Samara Weaving). It’s like the Jeopardy champ showdown, but with way more blood, chaos, and gun-hands, plus Daniel Radcliffe trying to figure out how to put his pants on without shooting his own groin.

Guns Akimbo comes out on March 5.

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