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The head of Credit Suisse confirms: the bank’s position is strong and stable

The chairman of the board of Credit Suisse, Axel Lehmann, confirmed that the bank’s financial position is sound and that the money flow from depositors in exit from the bank has stabilized.

The bank, which has been facing financial problems, has completed the capital increase of four billion dollars, in support of its own budgetafter a large exit from customer deposits on fears of bankruptcy.

Lehmann said depositors have started returning their money to the bank, in particularly in its Swiss unit.

And the head of Credit Suisse confirmed, in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Friday that withdrawals at the Swiss bank, which jumped to about 84 billion francs ($90 billion) at the start of this quarter, after rumors about the bank’s stability completely”. Basic”.

He explained that most of the bleeding occurred in October and since then the bank has seen the return of some asset to Switzerland.

“When I talk to clients, I already know there will be flows in ticket. We have already seen this in part, so we have in plan to continue communicating with customers,” added Lyman, noting that “it may take some time, but we will get back to normal.”

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