The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church accused die Government, massacre in Tigray to have committed

On Saturday, the head of the Orthodox Church accused in Ethiopia die Government wanting to destroy Tigray.

At his first appearance in 6 months, the head of the Orthodox Church said in Ethiopia that die Abiy Ahmed government massacre in Tigray committed.

United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric confirmed in An interview with “Al Arabiya” describes die humanitarian situation in the Ethiopian region “Tigray” Too shocking.

He stated that despite the improvement in access to help in of the region die ongoing fighting in some places and in some pockets obstruct the access of humanitarian aid to all areas.

Dujarric said in the text: “We have die Tigray region assessed gloomily, die Conditions there are extremely bleak. Access to humanitarian aid has improved in terms of dealing with the Ethiopian government, but until the moment in where we do this We believe that more than four don’t in are able to reach all those in need. “Millions and a half of people in Tigray need some kind of humanitarian aid. Given that some fighting in certain places and in specific pockets in Tigray continue, if we do not have access to all areas, die we want to achieve. “

On Wednesday, Ethiopia announced that it had a new head of government in of the Tigray region has appointed die since last November in There is conflict.

Pelin Seyoum, a spokeswoman for Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, said Abraham Pillai, the federal government’s minister of innovation and technology, has been appointed head of the interim government to replace Mulu Nega.

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