The heads of state and government of NATO symbolically bid farewell to Afghanistan at their summit

US President Joe Biden and his NATO colleagues say goodbye AfghanistanMonday, at its final summit, before America ends its longest “forever war” and the US military withdraws forever.

The meeting will die Ask a new question whether die most ambitious NATO operation of all time is worth it.

The heads of state and government of NATO symbolically bid farewell to Afghanistan at their summit

US soldiers in Afghanistan (Archive – AFP)

The 18 years of effort alone cost die United States $ 2.26 trillion, on top of the deaths of 2,442 American soldiers and 1,144 members of Washington’s allies, according to Brown University. NATO does not keep records of those die die in their operations.

NATO forces in Afghanistan

NATO forces in Afghanistan

Make these victim numbers die Afghan victims in the shadows, which include more than 47,000 civilians, up to 69,000 members of the armed forces and national police, and more than 51,000 opposition activists.

The military effort followed the arrival of a US-led coalition in 2001 to die To evict the Taliban for hosting Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Few experts argue that military operations have brought long-term stability, meaningful democracy or security.

“At this point you get the impression that die NATO leader fast want to be downplayed and walk quietly instead of doing one very big thing and focusing on other business, ”said Eric Prattberg, director of Carnegie Endowment’s European program for international peace.

There die US leading the withdrawal, European allies and Canada Biden’s vision to hear how die security in their messages, along important transport routes and above all at Kabul Airport.

Many wonder if die Afghan government die Taliban can survive. Some believe that die Surrender of Kabul is only a matter of time.

The European Union’s foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said in In this context: “We are currently holding intensive talks with our member states, the USA, NATO and the United Nations about the lack of the basic security conditions for our continued diplomatic presence. .. it will be hard to wait. “

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