The heartbreaking words of a Ukrainian girl shock her first American lady

On Saturday, Jill Biden, wife of the US president, met with a group of Ukrainian refugee mothers and teachers in the Romanian capital Bucharest, where she praised the strength and resilience of women.

Jill Biden heard “heartbreaking” reports Saturday from Ukrainian women and children who fled the war in their country and found a safe haven. in Romania.

As he watched the children draw letters on pieces of paper, he saw a Ukrainian girl writing: “I want to go back to my father.”

Biden in He later told reporters that the girl’s words were “heartbreaking”.

A mother told Jill Biden the story of her horrifying escape, after spending weeks in a cold basement with his traumatized 8-year-old daughter.

“I think mothers would do anything for their children,” Biden told Ukrainian women. “I think you are incredibly strong and resilient.”

While visiting a school hosting Ukrainian children in escape, said: “In many ways, teachers are in able to best help these children to cope with trauma and feel normal “.

He added that he saw a glimmer of hope among the families, who “are all aware of the grants that the United States has granted to Ukraine, refugees abroad and Romania to support refugees”.

Jill Biden, who teaches English and writing in a community college in Virginia, it is in tour in Romania and Slovakia, where he also meets US soldiers and refugees.

Ever since Russia started its military operation in Ukraine, nearly 910,000 Ukrainians fled in Romania, where charities, local authorities and government agencies work together with thousands of volunteers to provide food, shelter and transportation.

Although many have traveled in more distant countries, in Romania still has around 80,000, mostly women with small children.
Accompanying President Joe Biden’s wife was there first Romanian lady, Carmen Iohannis, who is also a teacher.

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