The hospitals in Lebanon are groaning … a “health disaster” is on the horizon

At a time, in the country is experiencing a new outbreak of the corona virus, the syndicate of hospitals in Lebanon warned of a “health disaster” due to the constant power outages and the lack of diesel fuel to operate generators.

The Syndicate of Private Hospital Owners announced today, Thursday, in announced a statement that “the sector is facing a major problem as hospitals face the Power failure at least 20 hours a day.

She also warned that “a number of hospitals are threatened with extinction of this substance within hours, which will endanger the lives of patients,” and urged die Officials to “work immediately to resolve this issue to avoid an inevitable health disaster”.

Diesel shortage … and an electricity problem

mention that Lebanon is stuck in an ongoing economic crisisForecast last month die World Bank said it would be one of the three worst crises in the world since 1850 Banque du Liban and its delay in opening import credits.

In addition, it has been confronted with a worsening problem in the electricity sector with ailing power plants for at least three decades, the die Forcing majority of citizens to pay two bills, one for the state and one for die Owners of private generators, die die Lack of government supplies.

The hospitals in Lebanon are groaning … a “health disaster” is on the horizon

From a hospital in Lebanon (AFP archive)

In the last few months took die Electricité du Liban’s ability to provide food gradually declined, which led to die Rationing times in some areas have been raised to over 22 hours a day. The private generators could not find the fuel for die No longer providing hours of power outages, which in turn forced them to ration.

Pharma shares in decline

In addition, the health sector is facing increasing pressures since in Hundreds of doctors and nurses have been lost in the past few months, die Chose to emigrate to avoid the economic collapse and its aftermath.

Pharmacies and drug importers have been warning of a decline in their stocks of hundreds of essential drugs for weeks. Streamlined last week die Authorities die Subsidies for drugs as part of a policy that has been in place for months to gradually remove subsidies for important raw materials. The price of a pack of Panadol Advance headache medication exceeded £ 16,000 today, compared to £ 2,500 previously.

From a pharmacy in Beirut (Reuters Archives)

From a pharmacy in Beirut (Reuters Archives)

This comes at a time when in this month die Signs of a new wave of the corona outbreak began after die The number of injuries and deaths had fallen noticeably. Lebanon has recorded 552,328 cases of the virus since the pandemic started last year, die resulted in 7,888 deaths.

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