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The IAEA chases Russia’s allegations of a dirty bomb in Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced on Monday evening that it had begun inspections in Ukraine at the request of questlast, after Russian President Vladimir Putin accused it of suppressing the prove according to which he had developed a “dirty bomb”.

The Vienna-based UN agency said in a statement that its inspectors “have started and will soon finish verifying the activities of two signatories in Ukraine”.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said he would present his “preliminary conclusions from recent verification activities at the two sites” later this week, according to the statement.

The inspections come after the Ukrainian government asked the International Atomic Energy Agency in writing to send inspection teams to the two sites.

Russia accuses Ukraine of preparing to use dirty bombs against Russian forces, but Kiev suspects that Russia may have taken the initiative to blame the attack on Ukraine in an attempt to justify Moscow’s subsequent nuclear weapons later having recently suffered casualties in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Last week the agency announced that it had inspected one of the two sites “a month ago”, noting that “no undeclared nuclear activity was detected”.

A radioactive bomb or “dirty bomb” consists of conventional explosives surrounded by radioactive materials intended to be dispersed in the air at the moment of the explosion.

Putin called on the agency last Thursday to send a mission in Ukraine “as soon as possible”.

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