The IMF calls on an Arab country to accelerate structural reforms in its economy

The International Monetary Fund said on Friday that Morocco is expected to return to economic growth next year, but that it is “necessary” to accelerate structural reforms.

Containing inflationary pressures is likely to require further normalization of monetary conditions, the IMF added, after experts visited Rabat for consultations, urging reforms to expand social protection, stimulate private sector investment and address the challenges of the climate change.

Morocco’s trade deficit was 234.4 billion dirhams (about 21.4 billion dollars) in the first nine months of questyear, with a 53.3% increase over the same period last year, according to MAP quoted by the Foreign Exchange Office of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Imports increased by 43.8% to nearly AED 552.38 billion and exports improved by 37.4% to AED 317.89 billion, according to the bureau, which released its monthly trade indicators today. abroad for the month of September.

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