The Impact of the Writers’ and Actors’ Strikes on Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry

The Impact of Strikes on Hollywood

Right now, the situation in Hollywood is not ideal. It’s been several months since a writers’ strike takes place, and recently it is an actors’ strike which added to the situation. The latter claim their right by no longer intervening in the writing of the script for a future film, or by turning in a feature film, whether that is simply by doing extras or even dubbing.

The American cinema industry is therefore, for the moment, frozen, which does not help many people, such as productions which are unable to complete their projects properly. For example, the anti-hero movie Deadpool 3 encounters a major difficulty. Although the script was returned before the strike, it is no longer possible now to touch the slightest line of dialogue… An annoying restriction for Ryan Reynolds who used to resort to improvisation in the two previous parts. This is a detail that may seem trivial, but which was the force of these films released in 2016 and 2018 respectively. In short, it will still take some time to see comment the strike evolves and comment it affects the people involved.

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The actors’ strike is not about video games

In the midst of the actors’ strike, a detail has aroused the curiosity of many people on the Internet. Actors no longer play in films or series, but can still be used in video games! According to the SAG-AFTRA FAQ: “Commercial or video game work is not covered by the strike.” That is, American actors can still shoot in various commercials, talk-shows, game shows, audiobooks, music videos and video games!

So, for example, Norman Reedus and Elle Fanning can play in Death Stranding 2 by capturing their moves for this upcoming video game from Hideo Kojima without replaying cause their solidarity with the actors’ strike. The same is true for the presence of certain actors for the San Diego Comic-Con in the United States this weekend where many are expected for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Twisted Metal.

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