The increase in the number of professional certificates in the business world .. Are they enough on their own to distinguish them?

In an interview with “Al Arabiya”, Moaz Al-Husseini, CEO of Etah Financial, confirmed that obtaining grants of studio and certificates of professional practice in business sectors is best after gaining practical experience and not after graduation.

He said the courses that issue accredited certificates in financial analysis, management and accounting for workers in The economic and financial field and recent graduates are many, but the most important thing is what Those who wish to obtain the certificate possess skills that make them more competitive in That sector.

He indicated a great interest in financial and professional certificates, specialized in risk management disciplines and certified financial analyst, and the financial sector still needs a lot of experience, especially in investments, governance and alternative investments.

Accredited certificates are defined as a system designed and implemented by a group of specialized academic experts, consultants and professional experts working in a field in those areas.

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