The inside story of Greg Jennings breaking his leg in ‘Madden’ YouTube video

On April 18, 2010, Greg Jennings put the team on his back doe.

If you aren’t conscious of the well-known YouTube clip, then you have actually been losing out for all these years. You can view the video below, however be alerted: it consists of specific language.

The video rested on YouTube for a while with very little views prior to lastly taking off in October2010 Ever since, it has actually ended up being a widely known video, generating over 14 million views. The video itself would not be that amusing if not for the male telling it.

That male is Demetry James and he supplied his backstory for this video to Kotaku back in2011 The highlight of this story, which you do not see in the video, is that James was currently winning by 22points This was the last play of the game and it was totally unneeded for him to attempt to score.

However this is “Madden” we’re speaking about. If you’re not attempting to score at all times, then why are you even playing?

“You know, I was surprised he even caught the ball,” James informed Kotaku. “All I was doing was looking for the open man. I saw he was open and threw it, and then I saw him limping and realized, that’s Greg Jennings, the guy got a broken leg! There were four or five of us friends playing ‘Madden’ that day, all of us watching, and then all of a sudden we’re all dying laughing. Oh, my God.”

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When It Comes To the final expression at the end of the video (“F— you, Gumby!”), James discussed that Gumby is his life time pal. The video kind of messed up Gumby’s life. His other pals would continuously utter that expression at him.

“They don’t even say ‘How you doing?'” James informed Kotaku. “Not ‘Hello,’ not ‘Good morning,’ not ‘Hey, man, what’s the score?’ just ‘F— you, Gumby.'”

The video ended up being so popular in “Madden” culture that the game designers even put in an achievement called “Put Da Team on Your Back” for the 2011-12 season. In order to achieve this, you needed to score a 99- backyard goal with Jennings.

The video likewise made its method to Jennings, who discussed it numerous times.

” I believed it was the sweetest thing ever. I am like, ‘I lastly made it.’ I do not understand if I was ever going to make it in football, however I made it onYouTube The man [who made the video] is the very best,” Jennings stated on George Lopez’s former late-night show.

The former Packers receiver stated some of his colleagues utilized to laugh at of him for it, however he likewise stated that when he bet the Falcons, he needed to hear Thomas DeCoud state “Put your team on your back” each and every singleplay

” It was enjoyable to view a lot of men show me that inpractice I believe the man who put it together is more amusing than the real video,” Jennings stated of the video throughout Super Bowl media night. “I think it’s a unique video.”

Sadly, “Madden” upgraded its guidelines on hurt players that enabled this video to take place in the first location, so it’s not likely we ever get a minute like this once again.