The international coalition: More than 600 ISIS militants were killed in 2022

Kurdish media network Rudaw quoted International Coalition against ISIS spokeswoman Rachel Jeffcott on Saturday as saying that more than 600 ISIS members have been killed in operations conducted in 2022.

Jeffcoat added in statements to Rudaw that 374 members of the organization have been arrested in operations conducted questyear by the International Coalition.

Jeffcoat confirmed that the International Coalition will continue during the next year to support its partners in order to put more pressure on ISIS.

The organization emerged from the chaos Iraq experienced years ago and seized vast lands in Iraq and Syria in 2014. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the organization’s former leader, announced the establishment of what he called an “Islamic caliphate” from a mosque that year in the northern Syrian city of Mosul Iraq, and declared himself “caliph of the Muslims”.

ISIS, which has taken over large areas in Syria and Iraq in 2014, suffered a first defeat in Iraq in 2017 and after in Syria in 2019, losing all its areas of control.

However, its hidden members are still launching attacks, albeit limited, in the two countries, mainly against the security forces. The organization also claims attacks in other countries.

The attack by Isis on the Ghweran prison, located in the Syrian city of Hasakah, is considered one of the most violent attacks carried out by the organization in the course of the year 2022, precisely on 20 last January, in what led to the killing of about 140 fighters of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” fighting the organization with the support of the US-led international coalition. In addition to a number of civilians in the city who were also forced to flee for several days due to the continuation of these clashes.

The attack, through which ISIS aimed to open the doors of ‘Ghweran’ prison in front of its inmates belonging to the organization, resulted in the loss of around 374 of its members. This number includes both members of the organization attacking from outside the prison and others who have tried to escape from it.

Hundreds of ISIS members imprisoned by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) also managed to escape during those clashes, but so far the exact number of those fleeing is unknown. in how much is estimated in only 800 items.

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