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The International Federation of Journalists convicted die Takeover of a media company die Houthi

The International Federation of Journalists condemned die Seizure of the headquarters of the Yemen Digital Media Company in Sanaa through die Houthi militia in Legal proceedings, die die Federation as “forgery” and aimed to “die To cover the seizure of a private media institution “.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Union Secretary General Anthony Pelangi said, “die De facto government in Sana’a fully responsible for that die fake legal proceedings are used to cover up an armed robbery that must come to an end “.

Bilangi appealed to all international media organizations “not to use media service companies, die Belong to or be controlled by members of the Houthi Group until Yemen Digital Media returns to its legal owners and our colleagues can return to their work “.

When international media organizations do business with companies in Do not discontinue Houthi ownership, “they are considered complicit in these predatory practices,” said the Secretary General of the International Federation of Journalists.

On April 18, it closed and stormed die Houthi militia die Company “Yemen Digital Media”, die largest Yemeni satellite broadcasting group, in Sanaa and confiscated them.

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate designated die new violation of the seizure and seizure of assets of the media company as “dangerous” and called for die “De facto authority on these arbitrary measures, die die Media freedom and die Restrict media investments, put an end to it. “

The syndicate said the CEO of Yemen Digital Media | Taha Al-Maamari had her in communicated a statement that die Houthi authorities in Sana’a his company, die Offering media services for television channels, arresting them and “bringing charges against them” had him with the aim of taking over the company “which has been in the media services sector since 2004.

The report denied all allegations made against the company and its manager, and indicated that the seizure warrant in primarily without notice to the company of charges, subpoenas or convictions against its manager, as the company continued to operate until the date of arbitrary detention.

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