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The International Monetary Fund has reached an agreement with an Arab country for a loan of 83 million dollars

The International Monetary Fund said on Friday it had initially approved a financial support package for Mauritania worth approximately $ 82.75 million, according to Reuters.

The International Monetary Fund report on growth prospects for the Middle East and Central Asia showed that the Mauritanian economy will be among the 10 Arab economies in fastest growing in 2023.

After Iraq ranked first in the ranking of Arab countries in fastest growing in 2022, with an expected growth of 9.3%, followed by Saudi Arabia as the country in fastest growth within the Group of Twenty with growth of 7.6%, the status of the list changed completely for the following year.

The report revealed that Libya, which is expected to reach an 18.5% contraction in 2022 in its gross domestic product, will be the fastest growing among the economies of the Arab countries, as the International Monetary Fund expects to achieve growth of 17 , 9% during 2023.

Djibouti ranked second with an expected growth of 5% for the year 2023, compared to a growth of 3.6% for the year 2022, followed by Mauritania in third place, with an expected growth rate of 4. , 8% for the year 2023, and only 4% for the year in course.

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