The invasion of Ukraine one third of the Russian army is on the border

Despite the deterioration of the situation after Russia announced the start of military exercises on the border with Ukraine and the West threatened to impose unprecedented sanctions on Moscow if it implemented its plans, the next step remains the anchor. .

As Russia maintains a great deal of ambiguity about its plans towards its neighbor, and Moscow awaits an official response from Washington by the end of the week to its demands. in about NATO and security in Europe, a third of the Russian army is already in command of the border, according to official US intelligence data.

Negotiation tools

There are those who believe that this ambiguity in itself is one of Moscow’s tools in the negotiations, according to a report published by the French newspaper “Le Monde”.

The information revealed that the policy in Russia generally belongs to President Vladimir Putin and they have confirmed that everything that happens there happens at the behest of one man.

The report also points out that no one knows the price the Russian president is willing to pay to achieve his goals, nor the deals he accepts, as questThe latter contented himself with vague formulas about Ukraine, including the threat to respond to a possible failure of the negotiations.

He warned that Russia would provide a “technical military response” after consulting military experts.

He pointed out that Western countries had referred to it since the beginning of the crisis with the term “invasion of Ukraine”, but the reality revealed various possibilities for Russian intervention, including other issues such as diplomatic negotiations before, direct confrontation or the opening of military bases in Cuba and Venezuela.

A third of the Russian army is on the border

These developments came after Russia announced the start of inspections on Tuesday in preparation for the fight on the border with Ukraine.

The RIA added that this inspection process has begun to ensure the combat readiness of its forces in its southern military district on the border with Ukraine, which includes more than 6,000 Russian soldiers.

Moscow had begun military reinforcements on the borders of Ukraine from the spring of 2021, then in heavy equipment such as artillery and anti-aircraft defense systems arrived before the start of the current diplomatic phase.

Subsequently, he displaced more mobile, estimated forces in about a third of the fighting groups of the Russian army, in the Ukrainian border areas, which raised fears in The West is complicated, according to US intelligence data.

While the equipped American forces have confirmed their readiness to take sides in Europe if necessary, threatening to impose the worst sanctions if Moscow executes its threat.

While the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has decided to strengthen its defenses to the east, while Moscow has denounced the desire to “feed the tension”.

The Atlantic countries have shown their support for Ukraine in ways that Moscow considered provocative, as they included naval exercises last November (2021) in the Black Sea and the delivery of a batch of American patrol boats to the Ukrainian Navy.

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