The Islamic coalition discusses the “role of media in the fight against terrorism”

The Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism today held a symposium at its headquarters in Riyadh on media entitled “The role of media in the fight against terrorism”, to the presence and participation of specialists in matter of media, including civilians and military personnel, from various countries of the Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism. The President of the Islamic University of the Maldives, Dr. Ibrahim Zakaria Mousa, during the symposium moderated by Shura Council member, dr. terrorism and extremism, noting that terrorist attacks carried out by extremist groups are in themselves a form of communication with people in order to demonstrate their false power, indicating that the media pay close attention to news stories of a violent nature, and therefore i media should exercise caution in publishing any news that leads to violent activity in order to prevent terrorists from achieving their goals in exploiting i media to spread their violent messages and propaganda.

The Minister of Information and Communication of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Mohamed Rahman Souare, touched on the use of social media to limit the spread of extremism, indicating that hate speech is a fire that fuels conflict, and is often rooted in undermining pace and the social fabric, which generates intolerance and hatred, explaining that i social media are a weapon, whose dual importance in the construction of the pace it cannot be underestimated and, at the same time, society needs protection from its misuse.

The head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Broadcasting Union, Dr. Amr Al-Laithi, spoke about the relationship between new media and terrorist practices, stating that modern terrorism is media terrorism, in which i media they are attracted to extremist terrorist acts, not only because it has a duty to report any major event, but also because the terror drama is attracting widespread attention at the same time.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Military Coalition to Combat Terrorism, Pilot Major General Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Maghidi, said this symposium aims to create a unified media discourse against terrorism and extremism and draw a road map to identify their ways and renewable tools to defeat it and eliminate it in the media in our Islamic world and in the international community, indicating the extent of the suffering suffered by Islamic and international countries due to the scourge of terrorism and extremism, and Islam is innocent of it, noting the enormity of the material and moral damage left from this scourge.

Interestingly, this symposium falls within the framework of the conferences, seminars and workshops that the Islamic Coalition is working on, through which international experiences are exchanged in anything that would fight terrorism and extremism, as this symposium also aims to increase the level of coordination and cooperation and intensify the dialogue between mediathe intellectual and cultural sectors, in order to achieve effective mechanisms that contribute to the fight against terrorism at the media and intellectual levels and make media and intellectual recommendations in this regard.